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A not for profit 501(c)3 no kill parrot and animal sanctuary

Ziggy's Haven Bird Sanctuary Ziggy's Haven Bird Sanctuary

Adopt Me!

These amazing birds are currently available for adoption.  You must reside in Citrus, Hernando, Marion, Lake  or Sumter counties and be willing to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours to be considered for adoption.   Exceptions are made IF you are wiling to spend time at the sanctuary AND we have a member in your area that  can do your initial home and follow up visits.   If you see a bird you are interested in meeting, fill out the  adoption application and email it to

Check back often as this page is updated as birds are adopted and new birds become available.

My name is Brady. I am a Hawkhead parrot. I have loads of Jekyll & Hyde personality! If you think you would like to get to know me, you really need to have experience with Hawkheads or aggressive amazons. Less experienced hands have tried and failed! But I am overall a good bird. I love to chatter. I have a few phrases I repeat. I like toys that are soft like ropy toys, shredding toys and soft woods.
Come meet Albert, He is a shy Blue Crown conure with a lot of potential. He needs a home with time and patience. He has been in his cage most of his life so he is timid but not aggressive.   
This is Dugan our one footed Yellow Nape Amazon. Dugan has a small vocabulary but takes some time to warm up to someone. Dugan is a special needs bird and needs lots of attention and love. With one foot she still has great mobility and a huge personality.  
Here is Cotton. Cotton is a Goffin Cockatoo with a huge heart and personality. Cotten says "Come Here" and "Howdy Howdy". Cotton tends to gravate towards women but does like some men. Cotten loves lots of attention and needs a lot of out of cage time.   
 Zorro the little African Grey needs a loving home and a place to be out of his cage. He has a small vocabulary right now and needs work with stepping up. He is just shy right now but enjoys his toys.  
This is Mindy. She is an older Cuban Amazon. Mindy is looking for a retirement home. She is cage bound and not hand tamed. She is shy and timid and will hide in the back of her cage. Mindy just needs a home that will talk to her, care for her, and let her be a peaceful bird.  
Meet our fluffy gal Gabby. Gabby is a Blue Front Amazon. Gabby is looking for a home where she will be the only bird and spoiled rotten. Gabby enjoys out of cage time and just hanging out. Please come meet our little ball of fluff and give her a good home.  
 Meet Moe our Yellow Headed Amazon. Moe has a good vocabulary but is aggressive. He is looking for the right person. Someone with time, experience, and patience would be best for this bird. Come and see if Moe picks you.  
Mork is a yound Cuban Amazon. Mork is very shy right now and needs someone that has lots of time to work with him to make him the great bird he could grow up to be,   
This young lady does not have name yet. She is a single Parrolett with a huge personality. She does need someone that is not afraid of a nip because she has not been handled much.   
Come meet Scallywags. Scally is a beautiful Blue and Gold Macaw. She transfers well with a step up stick and will let you hold her after she starts to trust you. She says "Wanna Cookie" and has the potential to be a quick learner.